Chez Jules

If you’ve ventured off Mahe Island and find yourself on La Digue Island, then there’s only one place to go for lunch; Chez Jules. This quirky, boho, beachside café is the perfect place to escape the hot sun and enjoy a cold fresh-pressed fruit juice.

What to Order

Located in a thatched hut on the sands of Anes Banana, Chez Jules boasts a special creole menu including traditional crab curry, octopus curry and grilled red snapper doused in a creole sauce.


The café serves a tasty array of fresh juices including mango, papaya, lime, pineapple and passionfruit to name a few. Smoothies are also a favourite here, and banana might just be the best seller. Grab a table with sea views (not a difficult task) and sip the afternoon away.