Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa is a historic site that boasts one of the oldest and best preserved remains of an ancient Roman villa.

Well Equipped Facilities

The Chedworth Roman Villa was accidentally discovered in 1864. After excavation by the National Trust and subsequent maintenance, it is now a tourist attraction.

Some of the facilities here include shops, shaded area for picnics, baby changing facilities, cafés, bakery, and an extensive parking lot.


At the Chedworth Roman Villa, there are hypocausts, a water-shrine and two bathhouses. The Villa also showcases stunning mosaics that have stood the test of time. A small museum houses artefacts and items discovered within the ruins like jewellery, figurines and coins.

They also have woodland trails, allowing tourists to have a view over the villa. Their well-researched audio guides help you discover the history of the villa.

They also have a range of activities for families – children’s trails, dressing up baskets during weekends, and family tracker packs especially designed for children under 7.

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