Chavenage House

Chavenage House is a true Cotswold manor house that conveys old world charm with its Gothic fireplace, pristine grounds and Flemish glass.

Interesting Interiors

Chavenage House was constructed in the Elizabethan style by Edward Stephens in 1576 who used slate for the roof and stone for the walls – all sourced from Cotswold. The large E-shaped house has two storeys with an attic and is fronted by large windows.

The House has hosted several historic visitors including Oliver Cromwell after whom a richly ornate room is named. The room like many other rooms boasts floor-to-ceiling tapestry and ornamented furniture.

The Great Hall features stained glass windows that were reputedly taken from monasteries in the surrounding countryside. The Oak Room, as the name suggests, showcases a splendid wall-to-wall panelling.

Fame on the Screen

Chavenage House is popular among visitors because of its many appearances on the silver screen and TV including recent ones like Poldark and The Four Seasons.

Chavenage House is open to visitors on a limited basis. Kindly refer their website for more details.


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