Chastleton House

Chastleton House is a historic country house with several credits to its name including the origin of croquet.

Historic and the Home of Croquet

The Chastleton House was built in the 17th century by an affluent wool merchant. The setting of the House is classical Jacobean. The grounds of the House continue to maintain its historic layout but are presented in a stunning vibe that goes with the house. The house has largely been untouched as it remained in the same family for several generations and therefore, there are tapestries, leather chests and furniture that date back a few centuries.

Visitors can also take in a game of croquet on the lawns, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as this is where the game was founded and honed to become the popular pastime it is today.

Gardens and Topiaries

The pride of the gardens at Chastleton is its mesmerising and sometimes intriguing topiary where you can spend hours guessing the various shapes. Visitors will also get to see a 400 year old Mulberry tree! Garden tours are provided with insights on kitchen gardening and their neighbouring wildlife.

Gift Shop and Cafe

You can also pick up second-hand books and home-grown products at the gift shop over a cuppa. The House also produces its own honey and therefore, there are plenty of bee hives in the gardens. The gardens are ideal for a relaxing picnic with your loved ones.

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