Cape Town

Charly’s Bakery

Charly’s Bakery is an iconic bakery in Cape Town and famed for their ‘Mucking Afazing’ designer cakes and delectable treats.

Family Line

Charly’s Bakery is a family business that was started by Charly and Jacqui Biess back in 1989. Later on, their three daughters – Alexandra, Daniella and Roch joined them in creating a world of magical and glitter-filled goodies by creating ‘unusual’ desserts. Though Charly, the founder, has left this world, he lives on in the hearts of his fans thanks to his legacy.

Cheerful Ambience

Charly’s Bakery sticks to the belief to say YES to whatever they can in a desire to produce more dazzling creations. They believe that each cake is unique with no need for imitation. They also sell a wide range of bright luminous cupcakes, petit fours, quirky cookies, pies and quiches. Just like their cupcakes, the atmosphere in Charly’s Bakery is vibrant, and colourful. It has a way of cheering you up when you are feeling blue along with those yummy desserts they serve.