Chacho’s Restaurant

Take your party to a whole new level at Chacho’s Restaurant, home of the Hennchata.

Mouthwatering Specialty Drinks

Step into the bar or find a table to order innovative alcoholic mixes. Many of Chacho’s specialty drinks are topped with 50 mL bottles of fine libations. That puts the icing on the cake! The Hennchata is one such drink, a concoction of house horchata and a miniature bottle of Hennessy upended in the wide-mouthed glass. Another delectable drink is the Margarita Loco which includes sweet agave nectar and grand marnier.

New Nickname for Breakfast

When the owner of Chacho’s Restaurant established the business in the fall of 1994, the decided name “Chacho” had been a brother’s nickname. The next time you are in San Jose, wake up to Chacho’s. An order of Santa Clara Street takes eggs to a new level by cooking them in the restaurant’s house salsa.

The Place for Mexican Cuisine

With a distinctively Mexican menu, you are sure to find a wide variety of burritos, chimichangas, tortas, nachos, and quesadillas. Burgers are served too, but with a memorable Mexican taste. To sample a wide range of Mexican fare, order the El Jefe Platter, especially if you are out with others for a night of casual fun. This appetizer comes with quesadillas, chorizo skins, jalapeño poppers, and more! House specials include tamales and flautas. The Chancho’s Famous Fajitas suit a range of diets as they can be ordered with beef, shrimp, chicken, or strictly vegetables.

Top Tip: Although children are welcomed to dine at Chacho’s Restaurant, identification is often checked at the establishment’s door.

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