Černá růže

Located in Prague’s main shopping district Na Prikope, Černá růže is a modern shopping mall that houses many independent shops and famous outlets including Adidas, Daniel Hechter, Laroche, and Dolce & Gabbana. It was one of the first post-revolution malls built in the central part of Prague.


Černá růže, also known as the Black Rose consists of two buildings that are joined by an arcade. The first building dates back to 1840, while the second building was built a century later. Today, the two buildings are a cultural monument that is protected by city’s laws.

Food and Drinks

Besides being home to many upscale branded shops, Černá růže offers fine dining in several restaurants and a few cool places where visitors can grab a drink. There is a nice Chinese restaurant, an Italian place that serves freshly made pizza, and a couple of coffee shops.

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