Centro Cultural Matucana 100

Contemporary arts of all kinds come together in former industrial space at Centro Cultural Matucana 100.

Industrial Atmosphere

Originally government warehouses, the Centro Cultural Matucana 100 was renovated to become the alternative arts venue it is today as part of Chile’s bicentennial celebrations. The remodeling of the building retained much of the original character for a gritty urban vibe, and the gallery in particular is reminiscent of an airplane hangar.

Large Complex

If you think ‘massive venue’ when you hear ‘government warehouse’, you’re on the right track. The Centro Cultural Matucana 100 showcases its programming in a variety of sub-venues, including two galleries, a main theater, and a handful of smaller theaters. There is also a cafe onsite.

Inclusive Arts

No one genre takes center stage at the Centro Cultural Matucana 100. Theatre, dance, music, visual arts, and film all play a role in the center’s programming. Offerings are typically less classic, more contemporary, even edgy. No more than half a dozen concerts and plays each are staged each month. One or two dance programs, a visual art exhibition in the gallery, and a film showing round out the schedule.

Stay at home!

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