London, England

Caviar House and Prunier

Caviar House and Prunier is an exclusive house of caviar which is also renowned for its seafood bar that serves exquisite Balik Smoked Salmon.

Seafood and Wine

Caviar House & Prunier is known to produce the finest caviar and smoked salmon in the world. The Prunier Caviar is created from recipes that have been closely guarded secrets for centuries. They serve Balik Smoked Salmon, oysters, lobster, crab, Prunier caviar and what’s better to dine with when there’s seafood? Wine. They serve red wine, rose wine, white wine, champagnes, cocktails, and spirits, but they also serve coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Perfect Gifts to Bring Home

Caviar House and Prunier prides itself on its commitment to perfection in its luxurious foods. Their innovative foods and creative packaging make for great gifts and souvenirs. Their retail section includes Balik Salmon, Prunier Caviar in original and vacuum packaging, vodka, champagne, and recipe books which make perfect gifts for friends and family.

For history buffs, they also sell a book called ‘Caviar: A history of desire by Peter. G Rebeiz’ that chronicles the origin and journey of Caviar House & Prunier.

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