Tuscany, Italy

Cathedral of Florence

A beautiful example of Italian Gothic architecture, the Cathedral of Florence is the fourth largest church in the world and one of Florence's most important landmarks.

Historical, one-of-a-kind architecture

The Cathedral of Florence, or the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, is the only building of its class in the world. Both in terms of size and architectural magnificence, this 14th-century building stands out on its own, dwarfing its neighbours. It’s perhaps the most impressive medieval structure you’re ever likely to see. The final touches weren’t put on this building until the 19th century, making it perhaps the most epic construction project in written history.

Beautiful artwork, masterfully preserved

When you’re done marvelling at the outside of the Cathedral, head inside for an even more impressive experience. Huge frescos line the walls, and the extensive stained glass work makes the floor light up with all the colours of the rainbow–as long as the sun’s shining! Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Cathedral of Florence is worth a visit for the sheer majesty and scale of the building. Recent restoration work has brought the painted dome back to its former glory.

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