Catete Palace

Rio's Catete Palace offers a fascinating look into the political history of the country, and also features a museum and theatre.

See Brazil’s former Presidential Palace

Catete Palace has a long history in Rio, dating back to 1858. From 1894 to the 1960s, it served as Brazil’s presidential palace and housed all of the country’s presidents. Today, it houses a museum of art and history, as well as a theatre. The architecture–as well as the five eagles lining the top of the façade–is very different from anything else in the surrounds, and that alone would make it interesting enough, but the wealth of history inside the walls is what really makes it a place worth visiting.

Delve into Rio de Janeiro’s history

The collection of art and historical documents in the palace museum create a fascinating journey into Rio’s rich and diverse history. Many important events happened in the palace when it was in use as a government building, and the whole place has an air of importance that has to be experienced to be understood. This is one place that history lovers should make a point of visiting.