Cape Town

Castle of Good Hope

The star-shaped Castle of Good Hope is one of South Africa’s oldest buildings and a popular destination for history and culture buffs.

Oldest Colonial Building in the Country 

The Castle of Good Hope was built in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company as a stopover for their ships arriving from distant Netherlands. Yes, it was built along the coast but centuries of land reclamation have now pushed the castle a couple of kilometres inland. The pentagonal castle built of stone was also intended as a defensive fort and has always had a military presence, even to this day.

Attractions at the Castle

The castle has stood as a citadel of hope through the centuries. Today, as a National Monument, the castle continues to be the seat of the military in Cape Town. It also is home to the Castle Military Museum as well as the William Fehr Collection curated by the Iziko Museums. Visitors also get to enjoy certain formal military procedures like the Key Ceremony as well as the firing of the Signal Cannon.