Casona Canaveral

Casona Canaveral is a vast 32-acre estate in Santiago with manicured gardens and well-appointed lounges in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Commune with Nature

Casona Canaveral was formerly the presidential house and was constructed in 1940 as a complex of three grand mansions renowned for its architectural exquisiteness. Today, the site is popular for its natural beauty and refreshing atmosphere. Situated alongside the Mapocho River, the grand property houses eight furnished lounges, gardens and terraces.

Surrounded by Nature

Casona Canaveral is a popular destination choice among Santiago residents who frequent it for holding seminars, company meetings, weddings, parties, and exhibitions.

Visitors can take leisurely strolls under the tall Eucalyptus tree and the lush greenery of the gardens. Don’t worry about the chill in the air – their tents are equipped with heating and lighting. Adding to the allure of the place is the nearby Mapocho River Garden, an idyllic place to have cocktails under the skies.



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