Carmo partners with local farmers to give diners the freshest and most amazing-tasting world-inspired cuisine in New Orleans.

Cafe and Bar in the Heart of New Orleans

Carmo is a popular Brazilian restaurant in New Orleans’ Warehouse District, offering a range of menu items including hearty vegetable dishes and light sides. The cooking techniques at Carmo give vegetables, fruit, grains, and legumes a fun Latin-American spin, as do many of the exotic ingredients that are used in the crafty dishes. Carmo offers an extensive beer, wine, and cocktail list in addition to amazing food items.

World-Inspired Cuisine in a Tropical Setting

Some call Carmo a New American restaurant, but it’s probably more properly referred to as a blend of several styles and influences. The restaurant is innovative, with decor that hints at tropical and a large open kitchen that makes the space feel bigger than it is. Carmo serves up fare inspired by Southeast Asia, West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and beyond, and it’s an eatery where diners come to indulge in flavorful ingredients and a beautiful narrative.