Cape Town

Cape Town Science Center

The innovative Cape Town Science Center is an exciting place for children where they enjoy hands-on learning in science and math with a wide variety of models and activities.

From Building Sites to Space Travel

There are a lot of inventive exhibits at the Science Center that are designed to keep little ones engaged all day long. Let them try their hand at construction the Murray& Roberts Building Site complete with brightly-coloured foam bricks and hard hats or enjoy a taste of weightless space travel.

Games and Puzzles

There are also larger-than-life sized board games and kaleidoscopic mirrors that will keep children buzzing with curiosity. Kids will love a spin on the human gyroscope as well as tackling the many activities in the Puzzling Things exhibit.

The well-stocked iCafe offers a welcome respite with an array of snacks and light meals for families. Don’t forget to visit the Pop-Up Shop for some intriguing educational kits and toys.