Camp Nou Football Stadium

Barcelona’s Camp Nou Football Stadium is the home of Barcelona FC and is considered a mecca for football fans the world over. Each year thousands of football fans flock to the stadium regardless of whether they support Barcelona FC or not as Camp Nou is a shrine to football. Watching a match here, or taking a tour around the grounds, provides a memorable experience for football fans from all walks of life.

Construction and History

Construction of this giant stadium, better known as ‘Nou Camp’, began when a demand for a larger arena came in the early 1950’s. By 1957 the 99,354 seat stadium was complete thanks to architects Francesc Mitjans and Joseph Soteras innovative designs. Today Nou Camp is the largest stadium in both Spain and Europe and the second largest association football stadium in the world.

Stadium Tour

If you’re not in town for match day, then you’ve simply got to take a behind the scenes tour of the stadium. On the stadium tour, you can exit onto the field via the player’s tunnel, take a seat on the player’s bench and enjoy a self-guided tour of the players dressing room, conference area and VIP lounge. For an in-depth history of the ground pick up an audio guide and head to the football museum. The Nou Camp tour is the most popular activity in the city, so we advise booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.