London, England

Camden Markets

These frenetic markets offer the chance to get lost in one of London’s oldest and most famous shopping hot spots.

Bargain hunters rejoice

The Camden Markets are everything you want in a market–noisy, crowded, packed with stalls that have no particular rhyme or reason to their order, and just maybe, the place to find a hidden gem or two to take back home with you. Their local reputation is that there’s not much you can’t find among the overflowing stalls, so as long as you keep your eyes open, you may just strike ‘gold’. They also make for an interesting browsing and food experience if you’re not keen on carting extra baggage home with you.

Live like a local for a day

There’s always some kind of exciting event going on at the Camden Markets, and they’re one of the best-kept secrets in London. You won’t feel like you’re seeing the polished-up-for-tourists London here, these are the things that interested locals go along to, and it’s your chance to soak up some real London culture in an authentic setting.