Café Luna

This is a lovely rooftop restaurant in a quiet area of the South coast. It has beautiful views of the ocean, as well as delicious food and generous cocktails.

Rooftop With A View

Café Luna is a charming rooftop restaurant located in the Little Arches Hotel on the South coast of Barbados. They offer an extensive menu with beautifully presented food and daily specials featuring fresh fish and homemade pasta. The atmosphere is elegant but relaxed, and it is a firm favourite for views of the sunset.

Outstanding Food And Service

The area around the restaurant is very quiet and it can be a little hard to find, but visitors who come here keep coming back year after year for their consistently good food and excellent service. The waiters are knowledgable and eager to help make a special evening.

Fresh Seafood

Chef Moo is constantly working on new ideas, and Café Luna has some of the best seafood dishes on the island. Some of their most popular include Bajan fish stew, and Luna crepe with fresh fish, crab and shrimp. Happy hour is between 5pm and 6pm, just in time for the sunset.