Cafe Godot

Café Godot is a charming French-style bistro located in the trendy neighbourhood of Gracia that serves brunch, lunch and dinner. Reservations here are necessary as the restaurant is a hit with the locals and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a table in the evening otherwise.


The restaurant is quite small but features a trendy décor with stone walls and small wooden tables that have been pushed together to create more room. If you’re here in the evenings, the atmosphere is more than lively, and there’s a real cosy feeling in the air thanks to the low lighting.

What to Order

Brunch here is egg-based, and they come any which way you like them while lunch includes fresh oysters seasoned with ginger and homemade duck confit. Come evening, dine on fresh pasta loaded with seafood or enjoy delicious Norwegian salmon. The restaurant also serves western classics including burgers and fries to keep everyone happy.