Cafe Bleu

Cafe Bleu is a chic yet homely restaurant that is reminiscent of the cafe culture in the west with a no-frills, pop decor and a friendly menu.

Riding on success

Cafe Bleu was launched in 2012 by experienced foodies who have a string of successes behind them. It rides on the waves of well-founded experience which is why the café has tied up with a reputed coffee supplier known for their artisanal mixes. So yes, the coffee is diverse but so are the wines and cocktails.

Friendly ambience

Cafe Bleu goes the extra mile to make the cafe warm and inviting. You’ll find Andy Warhol on the walls as well as records, art, music and books that accentuate the place. There’s free WiFi too.

As a cafe, it serves a global menu that includes salads, pasta, curries, omelettes and even chicken pate. The largely Japanese menu is peppered liberally with photographs so choosing your food shouldn’t be hard. Besides, there are daily specials which are surprisingly inventive and bold.

Photos from Cafe Bleu

Stay at home!

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