Burmese Cuisine

A favourite activity in Bagan is sampling the local cuisine, whether that’s picking up fresh fruit from the market or heading to a roadside restaurant, it’s a must do activity to ensure you truly immerse yourself in the local culture! And although Myanmar isn’t renowned as a culinary capital, there’s a handful of dishes that you’ve simply got to try.

Local Delicacies

Most Burmese dishes make use of seasonal vegetables and use light flavours instead of heavy spices to make eating in the hot climate enjoyable. Popular dishes include ‘hsi gje khau hswe’, a cold noodle dish served with chicken, the Irrawaddy River prawn curry and huge bowls of fried vegetables.

Where to Dine

When it comes to picking a restaurant in Bagan, there’s plenty to choose from. As a general rule of thumb (that only seems to apply to third world countries) is that if the chairs are plastic, the foods fantastic! Otherwise, sunset Garden Restaurant, Black Bamboo and Kyaw Kitchen are all popular eateries. If you’d like to give a little back to the community, make sure you head to the Sanon Training Restaurant where local students are employed to help them climb the hospitality ladder and further their culinary careers.