London, England

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade is among England’s earliest arcades and is a prestigious landmark in London that boasts over 40 specialist designers’ brands and shops.

Longest and Oldest

Burlington Arcade was built in 1819 by Lord George Cavendish to protect his stately home, the Burlington House from passersby. According to folklore, people had a tendency to throw oyster shells and rubbish over the wall of his home. Today, it is England’s longest and oldest shopping arcade.

In the Arcade

Burlington Arcade is home to several global fashion brands including David Duggan, Bell & Ross, Maison Michael, Penfriend, Chanel, Harrys of London, Susannah Lovis, and Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. You can also shop for a wide range of accessories – footwear, hats, watches, antique jewellery and engagement rings.

Another attraction at the mall is the presence of very English-looking security officers popularly known as beadles in traditional uniforms which include top hats and frockcoats who patrol the arcade so that visitors can shop with peace of mind.

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