Bun Cha Ta

A small, casual restaurant that specializes in bun cha--one of Hanoi’s most iconic dishes.

A Hanoi Specialty

Most cities in Vietnam lay claim to certain types of food. In Hue it’s bun bo, in Hoi An it’s white rose dumplings. In Hanoi, that dish is known as bun cha–grilled pork patties served with rice noodles, herbs, and a broth-like sauce. This particular dish is the specialty of Bun Cha Ta. Where better to try bun cha than a restaurant named after it?

Build Your Own Soup

For visitors, bun cha may initially be difficult to eat. All the ingredients are served separately, so it’s intimidating to guess what goes where. Fortunately, the staff at Bun Cha Ta are ready and willing to help. Basically, it involves assembling your own soup: adding a bunch of noodles into the sauce, dipping in the pork and herbs, and grabbing it all into a bite.

It gets easier with each mouthful, and it’s awfully tasty. And as an added bonus, Bun Cha Ta serves each dish with a side of delicious homemade spring rolls. The restaurant is situated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, so there are dozens of other restaurants and attractions nearby.

Stay at home!

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