Bruarfoss waterfalls

Tucked away atop a winding snowy road sits Bruarfoss waterfall, a picturesque stream of cascading blue water surrounded by jagged black rocks and rolling fields of fern. Come winter the access is a little more restricted but it's easily reachable in a 4x4.

Blue Water

Iceland is home to many impressive waterfalls, but non have water as crystal blue as Bruarfoss. The waters impressively clear and strikingly beautiful blue colouring comes from the movement of the tectonic plates below which effects the tint in the stream.

How to Get Here

The waterfall is located between Skogafoss waterfall and the Haukadulur geysers and can be accessed by car along Ring Road 1. Once arriving at the car park, it’s then a further 10-minute walk following the outlined path across small footbridges winding through fields of fern. If you get lost, follow the sounds of rushing water upstream, and you’ll find the waterfall soon enough.

Photos from Bruarfoss waterfalls