Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower, popularly touted at Cotswolds’ highest castle, offers memorable views of the nearly countryside as well as pleasant vistas for a leisurely walk.

Cotswolds’ Highest Castle

Designed by acclaimed landscape designer Capability Brown back in the 18th century, Broadway Tower stands 65 ft. high atop a little mound. Visitors enjoy amazing views of rustic England such as Beacon Hill from the roof platform. 15 feet below the Tower resides a relic of the Cold War, a nuclear bunker which is open for visitors to stop by.

Events and Shops

The Broadway Tower hosts exhibitions on three floors that are focussed on the history of the tower. Events such as Birmingham Bikeathon, Art Festival, and Deer Encounters are held in the Tower premises. Do refer to their website for more information.

The Morris and Brown Café and Shop at the Tower sells all kind of locally produced items – from jewellery, to handbags, to cushions, to candles and soap, to gift wrap, to cookies and jams. The café serves a leisurely menu all through the day including a delectable afternoon tea.

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