London, England

British Museum

The British Museum is the largest museum in the United Kingdom with a staggering 8 million antiquities and artifacts that span most known ancient civilizations and all the continents.

Private Collection to Public Museum

The pioneering British Museum was founded in 1753 on Sir Harry Sloane’s large collection of historic artifacts and manuscripts. Under the reign of King George II, it was declared as the first national public museum in the world.

Invaluable Collection

The museum is known for its spectacular collection as much as for its architecture. The 2-acre Queen Elizabeth II Great Court features an innovative glass roof that springs fountain like from a rotunda, the famed Reading Room. The exhibits of the museum include priceless exhibits like the legendary Rosetta Stone, exquisite marble sculptures from the Parthenon, Assyrian temple rooms, Chinese ceramics from the 3rd century and fine jewelry from all over the world.

The British Museum displays only 1% of exhibits at a time but that’s still a staggering 80,000 treasures from the past!

Photos from British Museum

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