Bridge of Sighs

Once offering the last view of the prisoners towards the beautiful Venice lagoon, today the Bridge of Sighs is a famous spot where tourists love to take pictures and couples adore to spend time at.

One of the most famous bridges in the world

Connecting the halls of the city courts to the new prison at Rio di Palazzo, the Bridge of Sighs is placed at the end of the Doge’s Palace façade on the Grand Canal. A Venetian icon, the Baroque arch bridge has a lovely curve and a tender white stone tracery through which the prisoners could catch a last glimpse of the lagoon and the free world before being taken in front of the judges to enter the prison or follow an even worse faith.

Photos and symbols  

Photographed by each tourist that sets foot in Venice, Ponte dei Sospiri can be best seen from Ponte della Paglia and Canonica Bridge. Today the Bridge of Sighs is a symbol of romance and love. Many gondolas pass under the bridge for the lovers to enjoy the sight – it is believed that this act will make their love last forever.

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