Bric a Brac

Located in the historic Old Town center behind the Tyn Church, Bric a Brac is an antique shop that sells absolutely everything from vintage records and dusty globes to violins, lamps, and chandeliers. The shop is very popular among tourists due to its central location.

Why is Bric a Brac Unique?

To answer this question, one must simply visit the shop. Bric a Brac has an amazing collection of second-hand goods that include artefacts that date back 3 centuries ago, vintage bikes, business signs from the 60’s, and glassware. Most of the items in the shop are local and they even sell pins and books from the Communist Era.

The Owner

The Owner is a friendly guy who spent many years buying historical items from residents of Prague. He is still interested in purchasing vintage goods from people and making his collection even larger. The price of items sometimes depends on how old they are, but visitors can always bargain with the owner.

Stay at home!

Feel free to browse our website, but please for the time being, follow your national guidance.