London, England

Boyds Grill and Wine Bar

Boyds Grill and Wine Bar is one those rare honest-to-goodness places that take pride in making memorable food without the fuss and pretensions. Their biggest pluses though are the great selection of wines and inimitable ambience.

Marble walls and copper counters

Not every place can pull off two hats with finesse but Boyds is a fine-dining restaurant that takes pride in sourcing the best of British produce (wines too!) as well as a comfy bar that takes the classic English pub experience up by several notches. Not a surprise though considering the high Victorian ceiling interspersed by circular chandeliers that gleam off marbled walls and spotless copper-topped counters.

It’s also a destination of choice for theatre-goers who flock here for a drink or a quick bite. In fact, they have a designated pre-theatre menu that includes the humble cottage pie and Cobb salad.

The Kitchen Bar Experience

Boyds is also know for their unique Kitchen Bar Experience where you you’re pampered and treated to intriguing flavors of Nitrogen-frozen desserts. Highlights include Dragon’s Breath, yogurt lolly and a tasting of eight ice-creams.

There’s a lot to experience at the Boyds Grill and Wine Bar and it’s quite likely, you’ll come back for more.

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