Boutique Borsalino

The flagship store of the trademark felt hat line, Boutique Borsalino offers one of the most quintessentially Roman shopping experiences in the city.

Decades of experience

Borsalino is one of the most trusted names in Italian design. Founded in 1857, this was the first artisan felt hat workshop in the world. Today, Borsalino shops are found all over. There are four in Rome, in fact. But the flagship store sits on the iconic Piazza del Popolo.

Classic style

Borsalino produces a wide range of felt hats, using Belgian rabbit fur. It is perhaps most famous, however, for its 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s fedoras. The design house even became the namesake of a 1970 gangster film set in the ’30s.

Personal service

Getting your hands on such a prestigious Italian design staple as a Borsalino hat is experience enough. But a trip to the flagship store in northern Rome is only augmented by the boutique’s personal shopper service. You’ll feel every bit as much a star as the Old Hollywood actors who donned Borsalino’s work in the glory days of film.

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