Bourton House

A charming manor house that is famed for its colourful gardens and a splendid tea room.

Over Three Hundred Years Old

The stately Bourton House dates back three centuries ago with a dedication stone dating from 1570. Surrounded by 10 acres of pristine greenery, the House features colourful gardens, winding pathways, ponds, and expansive lawns. The immaculate maze and stunning topiary are simply worth a visit.

Events such as Aid of National Gardens Scheme and exhibitions are held at Bourton House. The shop on the grounds, also sells some interesting vintage collections of greeting cards and collectibles.

Tea and Pastries

Bourton House also boasts a cheerful Tea Room set in the 16th century Tithe Barn. On sunny days, a cuppa on the lawns is highly recommended.  The Tea Room serves a number of delicious pastries, delectable homemade cakes, light refreshments and lunches, tea and coffee.

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