Bourbon Street

One of the most famous attractions in New Orleans, Bourbon Street is where travellers go to party and where tourists head to view authentic New Orleans architecture.

Bourbon Street, home to jazz and authentic Creole culture, is a famous street in one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans. It sits in the French Quarter and it extends 13 blocks, from also-popular Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. Bourbon Street is considered one of the best places in New Orleans to party and to enjoy the lively side of the city, as it’s filled with nightclubs, bars, burlesque clubs, and huge DJ events. But, the street has historic merit too, offering a great place to view beautiful 18th-century architecture and learn about the folklore of New Orleans.

History, Luxury, and Entertainment on Bourbon Street

On Bourbon Street, one of the oldest streets in the United States, travelers can visitor historic venues, spy iconic buildings, and listen to social tales that are both thrilling and harrowing. Bourbon Street, also called “Rue Bourbon,”  dates back to 1788 when Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville Founded the city of New Orleans. The grand street features luxurious hotels and restaurants, and it’s a place filled with classic New Orleans pubs and clubs. Most of the buildings are hundreds of years old, and they tell stories of the early days of legendary New Orleans through their design and their period-memorialized decor.