San Francisco, USA

Boulevard Restaurant

In 1993, esteemed chef Nancy Oakes opened Boulevard restaurant and now in chic Embarcadero, the restaurant is still pleasing the most discerning palettes.

Haute American cuisine makes its home here, under executive chef Nancy Oakes. Serving lunch and dinner in rich surroundings with a selection of private rooms, Boulevard will impress important clients or romantic dates, and provide surroundings to fully enjoy their company.

For lunch, start with an appetizer such as the Hamachi Crudo Tostada, which combines such unlikely partners as avocado, serrano, jicama, and kumquat. Follow with a main dish of swordfish, duck, or wagyu beef. The Red Prawn & Fried Green Tomato Sandwich is another scrumptious option.

With lunch choices this substantial, one can hardly imagine dinner! How about a lamb t-bone or fried quail with pecans? If you thought Nasturtium 25 was something from a mad scientist’s lab, you simply must prove yourself wrong by trying the scallops – perfect for lovers of shellfish or mushrooms. But save room for dessert, one of the best parts of Boulevard. Think medjool dates, black sesame ice cream, and red velvet cake to die for.

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