Cape Town

Boulder’s Beach

Boulder’s Beach is a must-visit destination not just because it’s a pristine beach but also for its charming residents – a large colony of African Penguins!

Pristine Beach

Unlike other beaches, Boulder’s Beach falls under the Table Mountain National Park which explains why it’s less crowded and well-preserved. The beach is named after the large, rounded granite rocks that dot the beach and create safe, shallow pools that are ideal for families with children to frolic in. The inviting white sands are also a wonderful attraction here.

Meet the Residents – Penguins!

Despite the beach’s attractiveness, what really draws the visitors here are the adorable African Penguins that have made the beach their home since 1982. The only penguin species on the continent, the endangered African Penguins have a distinctive call like that of a braying donkey. Visitors are discouraged from feeding or petting them, not because it poses a danger to the birds but their sharp beaks are often effectively used to nip curious tourists. You’ve been warned!

Boulder’s Beach is an ideal destination for the entire family.