San Francisco, USA

Boudin at Fisherman’s Wharf

Boudin's is a legendary San Francisco bakery made famous by their sourdough. The unique texture it imparts to their breads and other baked goods is difficult to find in other major U.S. cities. Indeed, their sourdough crust makes for a pizza that is unparalleled. Diners with children shouldn't miss the Museum and Demonstration Bakery. Kids much enjoy the irony of biting into a sourdough armadillo or shark is that bears resemblance to the real thing.

Sourdough creaturesCarol Jarzyna

Sourdough creatures of every sort await you at the Boudin’s Demonstration Bakery

Like visiting the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, riding a cable car, or indulging in some chocolate at Ghirardelli’s, Boudin’s is a classic San Francisco experience. The restaurant has many locations of various sizes across the metropolitan area, including a cafe at San Francisco airport (SFO). At the full service restaurants the menu is not extensive, but neither is it meager. And everything on it is reliably good.

Recommended is the seafood pizza. The sourdough disks holding delicacies like lumps of lobster tail are very absorbent– perfect for sponging up the subtle red sauce or even… gasp… melted butter. Pair iyour pizza with one of the many craft beers made in San Francisco and you can’t go wrong. Desserts like “sourdough upside down bread pudding” have the same delicious base as the pizza crust.

Consider also stopping by the Museum and Demonstration Bakery. It’s so fun to see how the breads are made, and the creations that the bakers come up with are amazing. They have taken bread-making to a wholly elevated plane. Name a creature big or small, and you might be surprised to find it staring back at you, fresh and warm from the oven!