Boston Jerk Center

Boston Jerk Center has the best jerk in Jamaica. If eating is your favorite thing to do, have a bite at Boston Jerk Center in Portland. They prepare chicken, pork, fish, lobster, etc. in jerk. It is found in Portland, Jamaica. Tasty jerk chicken has a technique in doing it right. The vendors at Boston seem as if they have the manual because their jerk is finger licking good.

Boston Jerk is prepared with a rich blend of seasonings and on coal, leaving that wood fire aroma in the meat. They serve side-dishes like roast breadfruit, rice and peas and fruit juices. Boston Jerk Center is ranked as having the best Jerk pork there is by majority of the people who actually went there and tried it.

You can even see how and where your food is being prepared. Just below the Jerk Center, there is a relaxing white sand beach where the water is just crystal clear and the changing rooms are wonderful. The beach is free at times. It is a quiet place where you and your family can relax and enjoy.

The vendors there are really friendly and they treat you as if you are family, giving you the best. Selling jerk in the Boston area started around the mid 1940’s and up to this day, their jerk is delicious and juicy. The food is sold at reasonable prices so bring along a friend for the experience-of the eating the best jerk at Boston Jerk Center.