The fruits of the Chilean landscape brought straight to your table.

Award-Winning Modern Chilean Cuisine

Chef Rodolfo Guzmán worked in several restaurants across Chile and Europe before opening his own. At Boragó, Guzmán aims to create the future of Chilean cuisine by honoring Chile’s culinary traditions and by using food that grows from the Chilean landscape. So it’s no wonder that the Diner’s Club Academy named Boragó one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016.

From the Local Landscape to Your Table

Guzmán works closely with local suppliers to obtain his ingredients, including small farms and even foraging communities. Because of this emphasis on what is local and seasonal, Boragó’s menu changes all the time. The restaurant serves mainly tasting menus that are to be shared by the whole table.

At Boragó, the food speaks for itself. The decor is simple–gray chairs, rough wood tables, natural stones. In this way, Guzmán allows his guests to savor the many unique flavors of Chile without distractions.