Boqueria Traditional Market

Boqueria Traditional Market is one of the largest and most famous food markets in all of Europe. Located on the north end of Las Rambla street the market first began trading in 1217 and today stands as one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions.

The Stalls

The market is made up of hundreds of stalls each selling an assortment of local meats, fish and cheeses sourced from the surrounding area. A good hour can be spent wandering through the stalls picking up samples as you go. For a refreshing drink, head to the fruit and vegetable stands for a colourful blended juice.

Where to Eat

If wandering amidst row after row of delicious delicacies, poignant cheeses and fresh fruits has left you rather peckish then fear not as the market is home to a handful of tapas bars. El Quim de la Boqueira is the markets most famous restaurant and uses the local produce to create traditional Catalan dishes.