Book People

As one of the best independent bookstores in the US, Book People is a community as much as it is a retail shop.

Books for Book People

Austin is home to a lot of readers reading a lot of books—it ranks as one of the highest cities for book purchases per capita—and BookPeople is a mecca for book lovers. With over three floors of shelves holding more than 300,000 titles, it’s easy to get lost, which is exactly what readers love doing in bookstores.

Clubs and Community

As an independent, BookPeople has the flexibility and creativity to respond to its customers and community in ways that major chains can’t. Its style is funky and comfortable with lots of nooks and crannies to hang out in while browsing.

The shop pulls in major names—former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have been guests—and more current authors like Michael Chabon and Zadie Smith are always somewhere on the schedule. The store also caters to lower profile but well-loved authors, and the staff is friendly and helpful—and often instrumental is starting book clubs and helping support local school literacy programs.