Book Street

Bibliophiles may enjoy this street lined with small bookshops and cafes.

Pho Sach Ha Noi

While Hanoi has always been home to dozens of bookstores, Pho Sach Ha Noi is a new addition to the city’s literary scene. In 2017, the government banned cars from this small street, turning it into a pedestrian-only environment. They then invited several bookstores to set up shop along the road, creating a miniature paradise for readers.

Take a Shelfie

The new residents of the street have made an effort to keep it aesthetically pleasing. The walls of the shops are mostly windows, allowing passersby to take a good look at the books inside. Most of the literature sold is in Vietnamese, but some of the stores have a smaller English selection as well. Plants and benches fill the center of the road, creating the perfect space for readers to dive into their new purchases.

Those who don’t want to pick up a book may want to grab a coffee or snack at one of the street’s cafes. And there are also several other attractions nearby, including Hua Lo Prison.