Boca Grande Bar

Boca Grande Bar, one of Barcelona’s finest restaurants, is home to a chic cocktail lounge regularly visited by the cities rich and famous. This swanky establishment may cost you a pretty penny, but in return, you’ll receive the freshest seafood in town and delicious hand-crafted cocktails.

The Décor

Located north of Las Rambla street Boca Grande Bar is spread out over three floors with the restaurant sitting on the second level. Each has been tastefully decorated with dark rustic furniture, leather seats and magnificent paintings don the walls. The industrial style lampshades that hang over the bar add a modern vibe while the bathroom’s many mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and create a quirky atmosphere.

Food and Drink

Cocktails here are served in delicate glasses, garnished with crushed ice and fresh fruits, and smoke overflows the rims of the fanciest mixes. When it comes to dining here, the menu offers an array of tapas and seafood including baked octopus alongside refreshing salads of duck and fig.