Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica

Bob Marley, the true reggae legend, died in 1981. His wife Rita Marley converted his home into a museum to accommodate young people of our time to know about his life journey. You might have listened to his music or probably used some cannabis, but have you ever thought about going to the place where it all began? Take the opportunity to experience the home and studio of his musical history.

The Bob Marley Museum is devoted to the reggae legend Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley. He is the person who brought the Rastafarian reggae movement worldwide through his soul soothing music which spoke of the challenges faced by Black people. He was born in Nine Mile, St. Ann, Jamaica. Bob Marley is a live to us through his songs and his contribution to the Rastafarian movement which makes it a widespread religion today.

The museum was purchased in 1975 and it still has its 19th century look. It was Bob Marley’s home until he unfortunately died. To remember his good works, his personal life and musical philosophy is shown during the tour in a tangible way. His famous musical records are hanged on the walls along with his multiple awards. Even his favorite outfits are on display, it’s like he is still living there. On the next floor of his home, there are  two bedrooms which are used for exhibitions. One bedroom displays films of his life and the next room is a remake of what his original record shop Wail n’ Soul looked like.

Bob Marley’s personal room was left simple with just his guitar by his bedside. His room was where his assassination attempt took place. There is a theater on the property which allows patrons to view a 20 minute film of Bob Marley’s last days. At the end, refreshments can be purchased at the Cafe and you can even buy souvenirs like CD’s, shoes, bags, photos and towels. The tour of the Bob Marley Museum usually takes 1 hour and low fees of: Adults: US$20 and Children (4 -12 years): US$10. Make this experience your experience and learn how to really celebrate reggae.

Photos from Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica

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