Blue Mountain Peak

Home to the rich tasting coffee and luscious vegetation, Blue Mountain Peak's Tour is one to add to your bucket list. Safest Mountain Climbing on the highest mountain in Jamaica is one of the many things you will experience. At a reasonable price you can make your trip this holiday one to remember.

Blue Mountain Peak soars to 2256 meters high through the clouds. It has many different natural life forms like birds, snakes and fruits that will make your tour even better. They are harmless. If you like, you can hike or camp out at whatever level you want with or without a tour guide. The scenery and vast fruits and Heart warming people will make your trip a very good experience.

The Konoko bike safari is a magnificent exciting adventure you don’t want to miss. You will be able to sail down the Coyaba Preserve while witnessing the beautiful scenery in Ocho Rios. At the end of the cruise, refreshments will be available while you venture to the Mahoe waterfalls making your trip more exciting. Fortunately, Tours will be available three times daily, so if you miss one you can always catch the other one.

It will be a “waterific” experience, so it’s best you bring your swimwear while packing. If you are not in the water stuff, you can take the chance of venturing on a bicycle tour. It will be a thrilling exposure to a far downhill ride through the mountain. The costs vary.

To view the costs, visit: http://bmtoursja.com/.