Blue Lagoon

The Blue lagoon is one of the famous tourist destination in Portland.The water is believed to be mixed with both salt and fresh water. How Amazing! It is a once in a lifetime bathing experience. It is found in Portland where there are a lot of hotels. So you can relax and enjoy yourself altogether.

blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is about 180 – 200 feet deep and is rumored to be the home of a dragon. This is one of the many stories that surrounds the delightfully attractive “blue hole” in Portland. It is believed that the Blue Lagoon has no bottom, it is very deep. Due to its glorifying beauty, It has been the chosen spot for movies and some famous celebrities have homes along side it.

The water color changes throughout the day to different shades of blue.The water have varying temperatures because it is the place where the river meets the sea. It is free to all who want to take a swim or dive in the beautiful blue estuary.

It will be something you will talk about for a lifetime. Bring your family as well and if you like, purchase a souvenir at the gift shops available. The boat rides cost US$30.If you prefer rafting, you can also get the opportunity to do that. Food shops are available. Take the opportunity to experience the Lagoon and bring your cameras.


Photos from Blue Lagoon

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