National Parks

Blue Knob State Park

Named after the dome-shaped mountain that towers 3,000 feet above sea level, Blue Knob State Park offers hikers a mesmerizing view of the Appalachian Plateau.

Blue Knob State Park covers over 6,000 acres of majestic mountains, quiet woodlands, and serpentine streams.  There, the mountain known as Blue Knob is Pennsylvania’s second highest mountain.  Many people like visiting in the fall to see the beautiful colors produced by the changing leaves.  Sugar maples, red maples, and oak trees populate the forest which is home to black bears, groundhogs, deer, turkey, and songbirds.  Hikers can explore the wilderness along 18 miles of the park’s trail system.

Trails and other day-use areas are open every day and close at dusk.  Many trails are steep; however, Chappells Field Trail, a 2.5-mile trek, is among one of the easiest to hike, and for that reason, it is a favorite among families with children.  Other trails are much more difficult.  Lost Turkey Trail is one that offers a difficult challenge, but it leads to beautiful scenic points along both a ridge and a valley.  Also on this trail are railroad beds once used in the 1930s for logging operations.  Lost Turkey Trail is definitely not a trail for small children.

Hikers have the option to take long journeys lasting overnight, but that does require a permit.  If you are interested in hiking a great distance, consider venturing beyond the park’s boundaries along the Appalachian Trail.