Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Amsterdam's colorful floating flower market.

Famous Flowers

The Netherlands is famous for its flowers–especially tulips. Many years ago, flowers were shipped into Amsterdam by boat, and tulips used to play a significant part in the Dutch economy. Founded in 1862, the Bloemenmarkt on Singel canal preserves that history–it’s the only flower market in the world that floats!

Tulips and More

Visitors to the Bloemenmarkt can browse hundreds of colorful blossoms, far more than just tulips. But those looking for tulips will find them in abundance–even as bulbs to plant in your own garden. The market also provides a wealth of gardening supplies for those with green thumbs.

Tourists can find a variety of reasonably-priced souvenirs at the Bloemenmarkt, as well as fresh cheese. And during the holidays, the market offers festive plants to celebrate the season. For those seeking an authentic Dutch experience rooted in the country’s history, The Bloemenmarkt is a good choice.

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