Oxford, England

Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop

Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop is an academic bookshop that offers numerous books related to history, art, and design as well as a wide range of stationery items.

Two Floors of Books

Blackwell’s sells a wide collection of books, from paperbacks to hardbacks. Set in well-stocked two floors of space, the store’s top floor is reserved specifically for books on history, art and design. As for the downstairs area, they have an expertly curated film section holding books on artists’ biographies and films, photography, typography, stationary and others.

Gifts and Events

If you’re looking for items that are suitable as gifts, do stop by at Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop as they sell unique cards, prints, diaries, posters, and calendars. Other than that, they also hold events such as inviting authors to talk about their books and interviews. For more information on the events’ schedule, do refer to their website.