Black River Safari

If you are a nature lover, this may be the ideal trip for you. In the midst of the parish of St. Elizabeth, you can embrace your inner self by bonding with nature.

The Black River Safari is a very famous tour in the parish of St. Elizabeth. It involves cruising on one of the largest rivers in Jamaica while observing and learning about the inhabitants of the area. There are many animals that live in the river and along the river banks namely the American Alligator and many exotic birds.

The fee for the one and a half hour boat ride is very reasonable. It is a private tour where you and your friends and or family can learn and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. The cost for one person is $125 US while the cost for two persons is $170 US. The fees include food, transportation and entrance fee. If you like, you can bring an extra person at a small fee of $65.

There are also sightings of fishermen fishing in the same river the Alligators live. Take the opportunity to have a tour on the Black River Safari. It will be a ride worth your time.


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