Bistro 100

Bistro 100 Maneiras offers a formal and funky dining experience for all those who cross its threshold. Head chef, Yugoslavian born Ljubomir Stanisic, is somewhat of a celebrity in Portugal and his flagship restaurant has gained a lot of traction and positive reviews over the years. Expect to be wowed by his culinary innovations. 

What to Expect

This two-storey restaurant sits in the hip and happening Chiado neighbourhood of Lisbon amidst bustling bars, clubs and cafes. The tasting menu pays homage to the sea, and you can expect to be dining on giant burek’s (red prawns), cuttlefish cappuccino and codfish stew. Make sure you head over to the bar for cocktails too.


The restaurant’s name, ‘Bistro 100 Maneiras’ isn’t just a pretty hashtag, there’s also a deep meaning behind it.  In Portuguese, the number 100 sounds like the word for “without” (sem) and the word Maneiras means “ways”, when put together the name suggests an absence of rules, a nod to the head chefs unruly creative side and the restaurant’s general ethos of ‘just go with it!’.

Stay at home!

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