Oxford, England

Bill’s Restaurant

Bill’s Restaurant is a modern European chain that serves meals from brunch to dinner, and all the time in between.

Story of Bill’s Restaurant

Bill opened a mini green grocery shop as he only had a small space to plant, prune and pick and his father taught him to “make of it what you will.” As his business expanded, a flood hit and his shop was ruined. Not one to give up, Bill started all over, except this time he added a café. He started creating great food and it became a place for everyone in the neighbourhood.

Delicious European Cuisine

Some of the delicious food that they serve here are Bill’s Hamburger, Roasted Aubergine Lentil and Chickpea Dhal, Bill’s Summer Salad and Creamy Pesto Gnocchi. They also serve non-gluten dishes such as Bill’s Fish Pie, Flat Iron Steak, and Seared Salmon Salad.

There’s a range of desserts for diners which include puddings, pancake, brownies besides cocktails and soft drinks. Another plus, they have free Wi-Fi!